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Women's Retreat

This weekend offers the opportunity to explore your emotional & energetic ranges, practice heart intelligent communication, and deepen relationship intimacy practices within a supportive and potent amplified field of Women.



Where & When?

Hope Springs Institute

Hope Springs, near Peebles, Ohio, is described as a spiritual center that holds sacred space and transformative programming for growth, leadership, and healing while honoring mind, body, spirit, and the earth.  Our privately hosted women's retreat will begin on Friday, February 24, 2023 at 1pm and end on Sunday, February 26, 2023 at 4pm.  

Our Facilitator

Sumir Brown

Sumir Brown is an international relationship coach and facilitator of heart intelligent communication and intimacy workshops for couples, women and men worldwide. She is a co-owner of Heart iQ, co-founder of New Eden in the Netherlands, and co-owner of The Lilley Center in Baker City, Oregon.


Cost & Payment

$375 per person, double occupancy rooms including meals starting with dinner on Friday and ending with lunch on Sunday. Special needs such as gluten-, dairy-, sugar-free, and allergies, can be accommodated. 

Secure your spot by sending your Full Name, Phone Number, and Roommate Request, if any, to Mindy Mossman at  Payment of $375 should be made via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle to Mindy Mossman (reference 513-319-6612 or or by cash or check.  Payment must be received to reserve your space.  Registration Deadline:  February 10

This retreat has been partially sponsored by one of our participants. Her generous contribution allows for a discounted tuition rate for every participant. What a gift!

What You Can Expect

*Experience a more authentic emotional, energetic and embodied expression of yourself - allowing those parts you may have suppressed, dimmed, forgotten, shamed, judged, dismissed or buried to be transformed into fuel for a thriving, energy rich life-force. 

*Explore a new approach to healing long term traumas that emerge in intimate connection, which, if left unattended, can create dissonance, disconnection and potentially relationship break down.  (For example, become more aware of the ways you close your heart and discover how to safely & authentically open again.)

*Access the most attractive force you have within —  your Feminine Essence — a magnetic physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you truly want, both personally and professionally.

*Explore the shadows (and their gifts when owned and channeled through the heart) of grief, anger, power, sensuality, "neediness," the feminine and the masculine.

*Deepen your alignment with your body’s wisdom and “higher guidance” rather than trying to create your life through push and pull.  Discover your unique Feminine Leadership ...hint, it's not through will power. 

*Become more at ease setting clear boundaries with others. Feel and express your authentic Yes & No.

*Rekindle your joy, truth, and deep well of effortlessness and expansive energy.  Ahhhhh, yes!!

*Enjoy the healing benefits of restorative touch & connection in a safe, facilitated container.

If you have experienced any of the above, then you know the evolution that occurs after such an experience.   Our question to you now is...when is the last time you experienced it in an amplified field, facilitated by clean, clear, expansive, safe and supportive energy?

Together we will hold the mirror of inspiration and compassion for one another as we free ourselves to embody the true shape of our hearts.    Come away from this event nourished, expanded, clarified, restored and alive!

This event invites all women and requires no previous experience.  Our feminine guides and practices are offered in a form that allows for a gentle expansion of your nervous system and preparation for our deeper, more intimate programs.

Your Ohio Organizers

Suzanna Needham                                  Mindy Mossman                                          Jenna Sizemore

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