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What's on your mind, love?

Are you working hard to figure it out? You don't have to do it alone.  


Sacred Space

Joyful Space

Watercolor Brush 16

Sessions with me let you experience what it is like to be seen, heard and felt through the eyes of love and acceptance.  The power of this unconditional space is immediate and cumulative. You will naturally become more self aware and connect more deeply to your own innate wisdom and grace. You may dare to be loved in ranges that feel shameful, scary, risky.  This is your sacred space to dive deeply into who you are, light and shadow, innocent and wise, connected and lost. 


All is welcome here.


How does it work? 

Online sessions of 30, 60 or 90 minutes

Do you have a situation in your world that is taking up a lot of your headspace and energy?   Something that is currently unfolding or maybe something that is a long-time anchor for what you don’t want?


Let's face it.  Sometimes we find ourselves with our 'noses against the blackboard'. Written on that board is some very valuable information but we’re standing too close to read it. In times like these, we need someone to help us gain some new perspective.

That's what I do. 


My superpower is to create a sacred container for you to speak your mind and heart so we can explore different angles and aspects, a 'mining expedition' that will give you new perspective which most often translates to enlightening information about you and your life.  


Let’s uncover the conditioning and limiting thoughts that have kept you imprisoned, slip that golden key out of your pocket, and unlock your prison cell.

It's time!


About Me

I am a poet at heart, able to weave the beautiful and terrible into art and metaphor, inviting depth, awareness, and integration.  My background spans many experiences and worlds:  I have loved, lost, and loved again; birthed babies, dreams and adventures; failed miserably and have been lost in the dark.  I am a sculptor and a writer, a deep diver and a lover.  I’ve worked in Corporate America and am a Shamanic Priestess. 

According to the model of Human Design, I am here to be a role model.  I don’t interpret that to mean I must be perfect (anymore)…only that my work is to harvest the gifts of every experience so that I may grow into my fullness and be in service to others.  Many have shared that when faced with a challenging moment in their lives, they asked themselves “what would Mindy do?”  I hear these stories with a touch of wonder, grace, and deep humility. 

I am well aware that I contain the dark as well as the light.  The yin yang symbol is my greatest inspiration — the marriage of polarity, the embrace and embodiment of all that is.  I am here to love it all: 

the good and the bad
the right and the wrong
the light and the dark
the broken and the whole

And so it is.


Sacred Space Feedback


Elena Lomo


The stillness, the purity of intention & heart you bring is deeply purifying.  Your laser like listening and pure insights are wise and pierce right through to the heart of the matter.  In our sessions, I was able to expose some pretty harsh parts, and come to a new level of gentleness, and kindness for parts of myself I didn't even know existed.  Me & my family would not be in the place we are now without you; it's been a much gentler, loving, kind, humbling unfolding than it would have been.


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